The Mauve Project

The Mauve source repository is available for readonly access via CVS. You'll be able to pick up the latest code whenever you want instead of waiting for periodic snapshots.

If you would like to browse the CVS history online via your web browser it is available via cvsweb.

If you don't already have CVS, we recommend you pick up a recent copy from Cyclic Software at

Assuming you have CVS installed on your machine you can check out the testsuite sources with the following sequence of commands:

Set CVSROOT in your environment to

Or alternately add "-d" in the CVS commands below (place it immediately after "cvs" -- ie before any other cvs arguments).

Issue the command "cvs login". You will be prompted for a password; reply with "anoncvs".

Issue the command "cvs -z 9 co mauve" to check out the testsuite sources. The following modules are also available - substitute their name for "mauve" in order to check them out:

verify - Bytecode verifier source code.

wonka - Modified sources for the Acunia Wonka VisualTestEngine, an AWT test suite.

jacks - The Jacks compiler test suite.

serialization - Tests for serialization compatibility.

htdocs - The HTML files you are currently browsing.

Once you've got the repository checked out "cvs update" will sync your local copy with those in the repository. See the CVS manual for additional information on how to use CVS.


Questions? Send them to!