Danny Staple

Email: <danny AT SPAMFREE orionrobots DOT co.uk>

I am the proprietor of the general technology, Lego and geek site at http://orionrobots.co.uk.

I am doing a little wiki gardening (removing spam) here, while looking for documentation on how LVM works at a lower level. I am toying with the idea of improving, or creating an open source system to get access to data on LVM and LVM2 volumes from Windows. Yes, I am aware of the non open source crysochome effort, however, Virtual Volumes appears to be closed source abandon ware that has never worked for much. Trying it has never yielded any results. If I can build even some basic code to get info about such volumes in Windows, and document my efforts, I feel I would have scratched an itch and done the community a service.

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