The purpose of dmraid is to arbitrate between the ATARAID on-disk metadata and the device-mapper need to name mapped devices and define mapping tables for them. Because the ATARAID metadata is vendor specific and the respective formats therefore all differ, an internal metadata format abtraction is necessary to translate into and derive the mapped device names and mapping tables content from. The ‘translators’ between the vendor formats and the internal format are called ‘metadata format handlers.’ One of them is needed for anygiven format supported by dmraid.

dmraid components:

Command line interface: The dmraid CLI comprehends options to:

Development Packages

There are no serious issues known to the developers at the moment but it is wise to treat this as you would any development code.

Here’s whats available:

Two packages: one containing the latest userspace utility for "dmraid", the other is the latest Raid4/5 device driver:

The "raid45" patches need to be applied to a base kernel at the moment.

Reporting Problems with DMRAID Eventing

DMRAID is still under development and we appreciate your feedback and problem reports. Please send problem reports to the dm-devel & ataraid-list mailing lists. When reporting bugs, please try to include the following information:

If we are unable to resolve your issue with this information, we may ask you to collect further details from the system to aid debugging.

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