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LVM2 refers to the userspace toolset that provide logical volume management facilities on linux. It is reasonably backwards-compatible with the original LVM toolset.

To use LVM2 you need 3 things: device-mapper in your kernel, the userspace device-mapper support library (libdevmapper) and the userspace LVM2 tools. Please look at for information about the device-mapper kernel and userspace components.


Tarballs of the userspace LVM2 source code releases are available from
List of official mirror sites (including http and rsync protocols):

Mailing lists

linux-lvm is the mailing list for any LVM-related questions and discussion.
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The list archives are at
The mailing list address is

Whenever the development source code repository is updated, email is sent to the lvm2-commits mailing list. This is a read-only list.
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The list archives are at

All commits are also posted to the lvm-devel mailing list. This is the place to discuss the source code and propose patches.
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The list archives are at
The mailing list address is

Please note that messages containing HTML or attachments will rarely make it through the spam filters onto the lists. Large log files, for example, should be put on the web - use a service such as if necessary - and the URL sent to the list instead.

Source code

The source code is stored in git and can be accessed with
git clone git://

There is a web interface to git at

Upstream Bug Tracker

Please report upstream bugs or request features in Red Hat Bugzilla:


There are README, INSTALL files and man pages in the source package.

We have an old wiki at

The LVM HOWTO is at (This document is now very out-of-date.)


Channel #lvm on Libera.Chat

Source code prior to 7th June 2012

Until 7th June 2012, the primary copy of the source code was maintained under CVS.

Mailing list archives of the CVS commits are available at

To access the old source code repository using CVS:
cvs -d login cvs
cvs -d checkout LVM2
The password is cvs.

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The original LVM: