1. Current status

The release branch of glibc-2.28 is currently in active development.

2. Planning

What things do we want to accomplish this release?

2.1. Release blockers?

2.2. Desirable this release?

2.3. Deferred to the next release?

3. Build and test results

Describe build and test issues for each architecture, or confirm a clean build with no testsuite failures. The list below is not a complete list of ABI variants; testing should try to cover the different ABI variants as far as possible.

Build system: UNAME -a, GCC?, Binutils?, Kernel ?


3.1. Architecture-independent

FAIL: resolv/tst-resolv-ai_idn
FAIL: resolv/tst-resolv-ai_idn-latin1

FAIL: misc/tst-ofdlocks-compat

3.2. AArch64

3.3. Alpha

3.4. ARM

3.5. HPPA

3.6. IA64

3.7. M68K

3.8. MicroBlaze

3.9. MIPS

3.10. Nios II

3.11. PowerPC (32-bit soft-float)

3.12. PowerPC (32-bit hard-float)

3.13. PowerPC (64-bit hard-float)

3.14. PowerPC64LE (64-bit hard-float)

3.15. RISC-V (rv64imac/lp64)

3.16. RISC-V (rv64imafdc/lp64)

3.17. RISC-V (rv64imafdc/lp64d)

3.18. S/390 (32-bit)

3.19. S/390 (64-bit)

3.20. SH

3.21. SPARC (32-bit)

3.22. SPARC (64-bit)

3.23. x86 (32-bit, Linux)

3.24. x86_64 (64-bit, Linux)

3.25. x86_64 (x32, Linux)

3.26. x86 (32-bit, Hurd)

4. Packaging Changes

4.1. The locale-archive file is much bigger

The iso14651_t1_common file, which contains the default collation on top of which the individual locales add their locale specific rules, has been updated to a new upstream version from ISO which is in sync with Unicode 9.0.0. The version of that file which was in glibc until now was very old and a huge amount of characters has been added to Unicode in the meantime. Therefore, this iso14651_t1_common file became much larger. As a consequence, the LC_COLLATE part of all locales became much larger. As LC_COLLATE makes up the bulk of the locale data, the size of the locales increased a lot. The locale-archive file which contains the data for all localess grew from 126 MiB to 206 Mib.

The getaddrinfo function, when called with the AI_IDN or AI_CANONIDN flags, will use the system libidn2 library to perform IDNA encoding. Version 2.0.5 or later is recommended, otherwise there will be some failures in the glibc test suite.

4.3. Change 3

And another change.

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