GDB's website is little-changed from when it was first set up in the 1990s. It's become a random mix of critical information, obsolete information, and some bizarre material, the formatting makes important links like "bugs" get the world's tiniest font, and the pages are constructed using a Bourne shell script believe it or not.


The pages are mirrored to , so they need to be location-independent.

The pages with "authoritative" information need to be version-controlled, by maintainers.

Provide links to pre-formatted documents for different releases.

Provide links to other infrastructure - bugzilla, source repos, wiki, etc.

Preserve the key URLs unchanged.


The pages should be sparing in design, not too much flash or graphics (audience is primarily programmers).

Appearance control via CSS only, no JavaScript.

Restrict to only essential pages, move all else to wiki.


Identify all the pages with authoritative information; basically main page, download, docs, bugs, sources, maintainers, coding standard, news.

Move non-authoritative pages to wiki, or delete.

Design a new main page in a modern style and using CSS.

Set up a git repo for authoritative pages.

Build a system for sharing headers and footers (or decide that it's unneeded for so few pages).

Write/rewrite other pages.

Commit to git repo.

Set up a script for mirroring to


Have a color theme? (Suggestions from IRC included blue, gray-brown, and pink.)

Have a sidebar with extra links? (Common for software project pages, but maybe overkill.)

How to handle news? Release announcements are "authoritative", but feature additions could left in gdb/NEWS.


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