Flexible GDB Target Description

This project makes GDB target descriptions more flexible so that GDB and GDBserver can composite different target descriptions from different target features.


Nowadays, GDB target description isn't flexible (as-of mid 2017),

The reason that target description isn't flexible is because target descriptions (in xml files) are statically composed by target features (in xml files). The fix to this problem is that we can dynamically compose target features (in c) for different target descriptions.

Progress and Plan

  1. GDB support both flexible and inflexible target descriptions. Change x86 GDB to use flexible target descriptions Done! See patch v1 and patch v2.

  2. Convert other ports to using flexible target descriptions. tic6x and aarch64 are done. The other ports should be converted too. After we convert most ports' target descriptions, the new port in GDB should use the flexible target descriptions.

  3. Teach GDBserver to create XML target descriptions and target features. Nowadays, GDBserver copies target features into itself during build time, so it can't send flexible target descriptions. See Alan's patches.

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