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[DIFF] 13:33 Info ManishGoregaokar clarify things about the changelog, make the patches list more prominent
[DIFF] 09:20 Info PedroAlves Add ManishGoregaokar.
[DIFF] 01:08 Info SergioDuriganJr Adding section about the files under info/ dir
[DIFF] 22:12 Info MikeFrysinger add virtio models!
[DIFF] 14:24 Info JonasMaebe Lazarus uses GDB/MI, FPC's text mode IDE links with libgdb.a
[DIFF] 14:14 Info JonasMaebe [1-2] #01 minor grammar fix
#02 Updated, reordered information, added troubleshooting section
[DIFF] 16:36 Info brobecke document new hooks.disable-email- diff config option.
[DIFF] 13:21 Info GaryBenson
[DIFF] 12:18 Info GaryBenson
[DIFF] 10:49 Info GaryBenson [1-2]
[DIFF] 10:45 Info GaryBenson
[DIFF] 10:43 Info GaryBenson
[DIFF] 10:43 Info GaryBenson
[DIFF] 10:42 Info GaryBenson
[DIFF] 10:39 Info GaryBenson
[DIFF] 15:49 Info JanKratochvil 2015->2016; after half a year, whole half a year...
[DIFF] 09:51 Info JeremyBennett More detail on the mechanism


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