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[DIFF] 09:11 Info GaryBenson typo
[DIFF] 06:10 Info JanKratochvil Discarding the object file: sample code fix
[DIFF] 15:38 Info PedroAlves [1-2] #01 Add PR17408 to todo list of 7.8.1
#02 PRs 17472 (dup of 17456), 17471 and 17300 are fixed in 7.8.1
[DIFF] 09:42 Info PedroAlves [1-10] #01 Even more descriptions
#02 Add description for the rest of the MI frontends
#03 Add descriptions for KDevelop and NetBeans
#04 Change url for BVRDE, and add description
#05 Add description for Eclipse CDT
#06 Add Eclipse's Standalone Debugger
#07 add descriptions for TUI and Insight
#08 Add link to MI spec
#09 Add heading markers
#10 Add Libraries section
[DIFF] 11:39 Info PedroAlves Add PhilMuldoon
[DIFF] 11:40 Info PedroAlves [1]
GaryBenson [2]
#01 mention that all .c files must include their corresponding .h
#02 Clarify headers to include and not include
[DIFF] 18:14 Info PedroAlves [1-2] #02 mention explaining how the patch was tested in the commit log
[DELETED] 10:27 Info PedroAlves [1-2]
[DIFF] 10:51 Info JanKratochvil gdb-testresults -> gdb-testers


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