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[DIFF] 70m ago Info brobecke [1-3] #01 Document hooks.reject-merge-c ommits.
#02 Add hooks.commit-url config variable documentation.
#03 add ook documentation.
[DIFF] 22:50 Info PedroAlves Add Supported systems link
[DIFF] 22:48 Info PedroAlves
[DIFF] 11:08 Info PedroAlves [1-2] #01 Add Gede
#02 Update Qt Creator's URL and description
[DIFF] 12:23 Info brobecke [1-2] #01 Add entry for PR17677 (done).
#02 Revert to revision 104. Author asked to revert previous change, saying change was bad (lots of unintended changes + entry placed at wrong location)
[DIFF] 12:22 Info Antispam subsystem
[DIFF] 23:41 Info brobecke Add "H.J. Lu" to EditorGroup (not sure spaces are going to work).
[DIFF] 07:18 Info DougEvans [1-7]
[DIFF] 12:15 Info PedroAlves explicit "info threads" to update the thread list no longer necessary with remote targets
[DIFF] 10:14 Info brobecke small adjustment in example to avoid violation of another rule ;-)


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