Pushing Patches to a Release Branch

Each GDB release branch goes through two stages:

Requirements during Stage 1

The only requirement for pushing a commit to a release branch during stage 1 is the following:

Requirements during Stage 2

The requirements for pushing a commit to a release branch once in stage 2 are:

This is to create easily trackable documentation of the list of changes made by each corrective release we publish.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a PR number, how do I create one after the fact?

Here is how:

You can then use that PR number and update your commit to include that PR number in the ChangeLog as described in our Contribution Checklist.

How do I mark a PR as fixed in a given release?

I forgot to add a PR number before I pushed to the branch during Stage 2

It is very easy to forget to add a PR number, but it is also very easy to adjust after the fact:

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