GDBserver core files support

GDBserver should be able to load a core file. It would provide the same functionality as GDB loading that core file over NFS but with GDBserver it can be more effective by reducing the number of RTT (round trip times).

One can use NFS access with GDB itself but it may be slow. It all depends on upload bandwidth vs. RTT, depending on these two link parameters currently for some people is faster to do core file upload, for other people to do NFS-like corefile access.

The best choice would be the gdbserver-for-corefile as in such case the major RTT hit is the link_map traversal while gdbserver can send qXfer:libraries-svr4:read.


$ gdbserver --multi :1234
$ gdb
(gdb) target extended-remote :1234
(gdb) ???

Just core COREFILE at that point currently makes GDB disconnect from the remote, and load the core itself (on the host). Ideally we'd have some way to tell GDB we actually want to load the core on the currently connected remote end. I guess a new knob (set core host/target/auto), plus a new option to the core command, like core -target or some such. Seems doable.

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