Miscellaneous administrivia for GDB developers

This page documents things like where to find cron scripts.


Several scripts exist in the "ss" module of the "gdbadmin" cvs repository.

cvs -d $id@sourceware.org:/cvs/gdbadmin co ss

auto-merge from gcc

The "master" copy of several files live in the gcc source tree, and are periodically merged into the binutils-gdb repo.

These files are:

@files = ("Makefile.tpl", "Makefile.def", "Makefile.in",
          "configure.ac", "configure", "config", "install-sh",
          "missing", "depcomp", "config.guess", "config.sub",
          "compile", "ylwrap", "config.rpath", "ltgcc.m4",
          "ltmain.sh", "ltoptions.m4", "ltsugar.m4", "ltversion.m4",

$dir_rx = qr,^(libiberty|include|intl|libdecnumber)/,;

Files in "include" are then checked for existence in binutils-gdb.git.

ref: https://sourceware.org/ml/gdb/2013-11/msg00022.html


Patchwork is a proposed code review system.

link to patchwork site on sourceware

Link to suggested workflow

Git Hooks

The binutils-gdb.git repository (and a number of other projects are sourceware.org) relies on a set of scripts (git "hooks") to perform a number of operations when users are trying to push to sourceware's binutils-gdb.git repository, such as rejecting merge commits on branches where this is forbidden, or sending email notifications, filing bugfixes in bugzilla, etc.

The scripts are provided by the githooks project, whose repository is hosted at github: https://github.com/adacore/git-hooks

The documentation is available at: GitHooksUsersGuide

When making update to the git-hooks checkout installed on sourceware, notify the following projects, as they are clients of the hooks:

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