GDB BoF at the 2009 GCC Summit - Tuesday June 9th, 2009

Joel Brobecker, Stan Shebs, Michael Snyder and Ulrich Weigand hosted a Q&A BoF. Here is a summary of the various items that were discussed during that session.

Are we going to rewrite GDB in C++?

Process record for reverse debugging in GDB parses the side-effects of every instruction that gets executed. Other projects also implement knowledge of what the instructions do: the GCC machine description; qemu, which actually even emulates these instructions. Are there plans to share code?

How about debugging optimized code?

Remark: Debug info breakage between GCC releases...

What's the status of the "inline" patch?

IWBN: If inferior goes into endless loop that causes a stack overflow, user would like to make inferior function call as part of his analysis of the problem. But since there is no longer any stack space available, he'd like to be able to find some stack space that could be used to make the call: drop a few of the frames, or use an alternate stack to make the call.

IWBN: Would like to do "stuff" when the program goes through a specific location in the code. For instance, print a trace every time some code is executed. Cannot use breakpoint and an associated command list because there is no way to resume the execution as if the breakpoint was never hit. for instance, one cannot use "continue" in the commands list, because the breakpoint might have been hit while doing a "next".

"set $sp = ..." does not work on x86-linux. Errors out with "sp is not an lval".

Remark: Reverse debugging seems to be working with gdbserver.

"set confirm off; return" does NOT return???

IWBN: To have a way to change the default answer for a specific query.

IWBN: Ignore count for breakpoints: Allow an ignore count that's actually a range

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