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The frysk Team


Andrew Cagney

Andrew is the lead debugger engineer within Red Hat's Tools Engineering Group. He contributes to most of the design and implementation of the backend. Until earlier this year, Andrew was the GNU Project Debugger's (GDB) head developer. In addition to many years direct debugger development experience, Andrew has a solid knowledge of computer architecture simulation, ASIC design, and kernel development.

Stan Cox

Stan has worked on a variety of open source tools projects since 1990, including gcc, bfd, and sid, on both native and embedded platforms. His first tools development experience was working on the Multics PL/I compiler. On the Frysk project, Stan is working on the backend.

Mike Cvet

Mike is an Honours Computational and Mathematical Sciences student at the University of Toronto at Mississauga, working as an intern at Red Hat's Toronto office via U of T's PEY program. Mike works in the core on the Frysk stepping infrastructure, as well as on the debugging window and its related features.

Adam Jocksch

Adam is a committer for the Frysk gui, in particular the source window. Adam is an Honours Computing Science student at the University of Alberta. Currently he is working at the Toronto Red Hat office as a part of the UofA's Industrial Internship Program.

Chris Moller

Chris has been with Red Hat for almost five years. He started out in the compiler group, then served a brief tour in Oprofile writing a data visualisation tool for Oprofile data. That was followed by work in the Eclipse group. Since his release from that, he has become the one-man Frysk custom GTK widget department. Chris has many years of experience in developing multi-core array processor devices, computer graphics hardware and software.

Rick Moseley

For the last five years, Rick has been a developer at Red Hat, Inc. He has worked on a variety of projects, including embedded systems, and projects for development environments for embedded and native systems. For approximately 3 years, he worked on several projects associated with the Eclipse IDE, including working on several plugins and helping transform it into the Red Hat Developer Suite. For the last several months, Rick has been working on the Frysk project with his area of responsibility being the source code window.

Phil Muldoon

Phil has worked at Red Hat for five years. During his tenure, he has worked in the embedded systems group, was the tech lead of the Eclipse group and lately, as a contributor and committer to the Frysk Project. Phil graduated from the University of Wales, and has lived in the US for 8 years. Phil works on the program execution visualization aspects of Frysk, and the monitoring aspects presented to the user.

Ivan Pantuyev

Ivan is an intern at Red Hat. Ivan is back at Red Hat for the summer, from State Univeristy of NY, Stonybrook, where he is working on his B.A.

Nurdin Premji

Nurdin is a student at the University of Toronto Mississauga specializing in Computer Science and majoring in Commerce. Currently he is working at the Toronto Red Hat office as part of the U of T's Professional Experience Year Program.

Carlos Eduardo Seo

Carlos is a software engineer at IBM, being a member of the Linux Technlogy Center. Currently contributes with PPC-related code to the Frysk Project. He also has contributions to GDB and binutils as well.

Teresa Thomas

Teresa is a Computer Engineering student at the University of Toronto, currently working as an intern at Red Hat Canada Ltd. She has worked on various aspects of Frysk's core, including the expression parser and evaluator, high level watchpoint implementation, IEEE 754/854 floating point support and the DWARF location evaluator.

Sami Wagiaalla

Sami is an intern at Red Hat from the University of Alberta. He is a committer to the Frysk GUI working on the part of the gui concerned with program execution visualization internally referred to as the "program monitor".

Mark Wielaard

Mark Wielaard recently joined Red Hat's Frysk team. He studied Theoretical Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam working on functional and logic programming languages. In the past he has worked on GNUJSP and servlet libraries. In his spare time he helps with the GNU Compiler for the java programming lanauge (GCJ), GNU Classpath and Kaffe projects. Mark also wrote the The Hunting of the Snark project, an implementation of the BitTorrent protocol with GCJ and the java-gnome bindings. He currently lives in Enschede, the Netherlands.

Former Contributors

Igor Foox

Igor is currently an intern with Red Hat, and is working towards the completion of a B.A. from the University of Toronto, specializing in Software Engineering and Commerce. Igor is a committer to the Frysk project, working on the build system as well as GUI components. Igor is also involved in the Java-GNOME project on which the GUI components of Frysk are based. Igor now devotes his time to Eclipse.

Jeff Johnston

Jeff contributed to the backend of Frysk, specifically the process layer. He contributed to the design, and concentrated on the development of system call tracing, register and memory I/O, process control and management. Jeff has worked on a variety of projects, including GDB, binutils and simulators. In his spare time Jeff works on Newlib, for which he is the maintainer. Jeff now devotes his time to Eclipse.

Tarun Khanna

Tarun was a part time intern at Red Hat. Tarun just completed his Masters in Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts. Tarun worked on the command line expression parser.