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Uses of SaveableXXX in frysk.gui.monitor

Classes in frysk.gui.monitor that implement SaveableXXX
 class Combo
          An object representing a combination of a LiaisonItem and a LiaisonPoint.
 class GuiCoreObjectWrapper
 class GuiObject
          A GuiObject is one that has a name and a tooltip.
 class GuiProc
          TODO To change the template for this generated type comment go to Window - Preferences - Java - Code Style - Code Templates
 class GuiTask
          Used to store a pointer to the Task object, and and any data that is relates to the process but is GUI specific.
 class LiaisonItem
          An item that can be added to a LiaisonPoint.
 class LiaisonPoint
          The job of a LiaisonPoint is to execute all its liaison Items with its specialized argument.
 class ObservableLinkedList
          Extends LinkedList but accepts observers that will be notified when elements are added/removed.

Methods in frysk.gui.monitor with parameters of type SaveableXXX
 void ObjectFactory.saveObject(SaveableXXX saveable, Element node)

Uses of SaveableXXX in frysk.gui.monitor.actions

Classes in frysk.gui.monitor.actions that implement SaveableXXX
 class Action
 class ActionPoint
          In a similar manner to
 class AddTaskObserverAction
          When executed this action adds the given observer to the given task.
 class CaptureStackTraceAction
 class GenericAction
 class GenericActionPoint
 class LogAction
 class NotifyUserAction
 class PrintProc
 class PrintTask
 class PrintTaskBacktrace
          Action that prints the backtrace of a blocked task to the log window, and also to the eventlogger.
 class ProcAction
 class Resume
 class RunExternal
          Provides the ability to execute a binary or other program externally to Frysk, allowing the flexibility of user-defined actions following some event.
 class ShowMemWin
 class ShowRegWin
 class ShowSourceWin
 class Stop
 class TaskAction
 class TaskActionPoint

Uses of SaveableXXX in frysk.gui.monitor.datamodels

Classes in frysk.gui.monitor.datamodels that implement SaveableXXX
 class CoreDebugDataModel
 class CoreDebugLogRecord

Uses of SaveableXXX in frysk.gui.monitor.eventviewer

Classes in frysk.gui.monitor.eventviewer that implement SaveableXXX
 class Event
 class EventViewerWidget
          An EventViewerWidget is a widget within the EventViewer.
 class EventViewerWidgetList
          A widget that is basically just a collection of widgets and calls draw on all its children when it is told to draw.
 class TimeLineEndEvent
 class TimeLineStartEvent

Uses of SaveableXXX in frysk.gui.monitor.filters

Classes in frysk.gui.monitor.filters that implement SaveableXXX
 class Filter
 class FilterPoint
          FilterPoints provide a flexible interface between Observers and the clients that would like to add filters to those observers.
 class IntFilter
 class IntFilterPoint
 class ProcCommandLineFilter
 class ProcFilter
 class ProcFilterPoint
 class ProcNameFilter
          Filter passes if the name if the given process matches the stored process name.
 class ProcParentNameFilter
 class ProcPathFilter
 class TaskFilter
 class TaskFilterPoint
 class TaskProcCommandLineFilter
 class TaskProcNameFilter
          Filter passes if the name of the parent process of the given Task matches the stored process name.
 class TaskProcParentNameFilter
 class TaskProcPathFilter

Uses of SaveableXXX in frysk.gui.monitor.observers

Classes in frysk.gui.monitor.observers that implement SaveableXXX
 class ExitNotificationObserver
 class ObserverRoot
          A more sophisticated implementer of Observer.
 class ProgramObserver
          A ProgramObserver watches a process for fork events.
 class TaskCloneObserver
 class TaskExecObserver
          Added to observe Exec events.
 class TaskForkedObserver
 class TaskObserverRoot
 class TaskSignaledObserver
 class TaskSyscallObserver
 class TaskTerminatingObserver

Uses of SaveableXXX in frysk.gui.sessions

Classes in frysk.gui.sessions that implement SaveableXXX
 class DebugProcess
          A container that refers to an executable there could be zero or many instances of these executable.
 class Session
          A Session object is used to hold and save user preferences with respect to a debug session.
 class WatchList
          The WatchList class represents a list of variables that are being watched from a process.

Uses of SaveableXXX in frysk.gui.srcwin.tags

Classes in frysk.gui.srcwin.tags that implement SaveableXXX
 class Tag
 class Tagset
          A Tagset contains a collection of tags that are applicable to a process.