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Packages that use DOMFrysk

Uses of DOMFrysk in frysk.dom

Fields in frysk.dom declared as DOMFrysk
 DOMFrysk DOMImage.dom

Methods in frysk.dom that return DOMFrysk
static DOMFrysk DOMFactory.createDOM(DebugInfoFrame frame, Proc proc)
static DOMFrysk DOMFactory.getDOM(Proc proc)
          getDOM returns a pointer to the desired dom from the hashmap

Methods in frysk.dom with parameters of type DOMFrysk
 DOMSource DOMImage.addSource(Proc proc, SourceLocation line, DOMFrysk dom)
          adds a source element under this DOMImage
 void StaticParser.parse(DOMFrysk dom, DOMSource source, DOMImage image)
          Parses the given file for syntax and other static information and stores the info in the specified buffer
static void DOMCommon.printDOM(DOMFrysk dom)

Uses of DOMFrysk in frysk.dom.cparser

Methods in frysk.dom.cparser with parameters of type DOMFrysk
 void CTagsParser.parse(DOMFrysk dom, DOMSource source, DOMImage image)
 void SimpleParser.parse(DOMFrysk dom, DOMSource source, DOMImage image)

Uses of DOMFrysk in frysk.gui.srcwin

Methods in frysk.gui.srcwin that return DOMFrysk
 DOMFrysk SourceWindow.getDOM()

Methods in frysk.gui.srcwin with parameters of type DOMFrysk
static void SourceWindowFactory.printDOM(DOMFrysk dom)
          Print out the DOM in XML format