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Build and Test frysk on Ubuntu

This page provides guidelines for building frysk on older Ubuntu systems..

Ubuntu (Gutsy Gibbon)

You will need to install the following packages:

g++ binutils-dev make gcj java-gcj-compat-dev \
libglade-java-dev libvte-java-dev antlr libjdom1-java \
automake libtool pkg-config autotools-dev libaudit-dev \
sharutils transfig libxml2-utils xmlto gs-gpl yelp

For additional updates, check the Debian or Ubuntu tracker bug.

Ubuntu (Edgy Eft)

Building frysk on this release is a big unknown, check the Breeze Badger notes for hints.

For additional updates, check Ubuntu' tracker bug's dependency tree.

Ubuntu (Breezy Badger)

While it's a bit of a struggle, it is possible to build frysk on Ubuntu:

  • gcc 4.0.1-4ubuntu9 has a number of serious bugs.
    Download, build, and install a snapshot of the RHEL-4 gcc4 compiler (found here).
  • Make certain that automake-1.9 is installed and selected as the default:
    $ sudo aptitude install automake1.9
    $ sudo update-alternatives --display automake
    $ sudo update-alternatives --set automake /usr/bin/automake-1.9
  • Per Get Java Gnome, append the line: ./
    to the file:
    and then install the java-gnome stuff vis:
    $ sudo aptitude install libglade-java \
    libgtk-java libglade2-dev libvte-dev
    $ pkg-config --modversion gtk2-java
  • jdom had problems building; there appears to be some missing .jar dependencies.
    Grabbing the jdom out of the RHEL-4 mega-rpm and building that worked.
  • The libvte-java bindings are missing.
    You can hack around this by disabling the code using vte (there isn't much)

For additional updates, check Ubuntu' tracker bug's dependency tree.