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Using CGEN with cygwin
I tried the release version of CGEN 1.0 with the latest cygwin and got errors. Per your suggestion:
1) I have downloaded guile 1.3.4.tar.gz. I manually patched the aand-let*.scm file to and-lets.scm to get it to build per some instructions I found on the www. It built a monolithic guile.exe which I copied to my /usr/bin directory.
2) Now I can load and run the "m32r" sample interactively using "dev.scm" :-)
3) I tried the "make all-opcodes" but I can't get find the generated the files anywhere (from the documentation I expected them to get [re]built in the binutils/src folder). What am I doing wrong?
4) Also the "make gas-test" and "make sim-test" in the "porting" section of the HTML manual don't work. What am I doing wrong?
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