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I can't load "dev.scm" into guile
Trying to follow the basic steps to use guile development environment described in CGEN manual I get following error trying to load "dev.scm":
guile> (load "dev.scm") dev.scm:17:18: While evaluating arguments to cons in expression (cons srcdir %lo ad-path): dev.scm:17:18: Unbound variable: srcdir ABORT: (unbound-variable)
Type "(backtrace)" to get more information or "(debug)" to enter the debugger. guile> (backtrace)
Backtrace: 0* [primitive-load "dev.scm"] 1* (set! %load-path (cons srcdir %load-path)) 2* [cons ...

This error appears on both Solaris and Windows platforms.

This documented method of running cgen is actually a bit of a trap: it doesn't work, just wants to see whether you're reading it!
CGEN is best run using the batch methods encoded into the various makefiles that make up the binutils/sim/sid projects.
I load dev.scm a lot these days, so it's working now (aug/09) (for the things I've tried anyway).
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