This page is a reference for Cygwin's setup project, which is a tool for installing Cygwin over the internet, or from a local directory. Cygwin's setup has been forked for use on other projects - including the XEmacs Net Installer. We're always keen to hear of anyone else using the code, so please, let us know on the Cygwin-apps mailing list.

If you want information on how to use setup to install Cygwin, read the Setting Up Cygwin page. For more information on creating packages that setup understands, read the Cygwin Package Contributor's Guide. Instruction on creating a local mirror with or without custom Cygwin packages can be found on the package server page.


Anyone intending to do any development work on setup should check out the current GIT version of the sources.

Getting the source code from GIT and building

setup is available via git. The sources can be viewed on the web using GITWeb. For development, check out the sources like this:

git clone git://
or, if you have commit rights on the repository (you know if you do), like this:
git clone

For instructions on how to build setup, see the README file included in its source.

Miscellaneous Information

Setup supports a few command-line arguments. They can be listed using the setup-x86 --help or setup-x86_64 --help command.