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The Fence system does I/O fencing of cluster members. Any member may join the default fence domain after which it will be fenced if it fails without leaving the fence domain cleanly. The lock_dlm GFS lock module will not permit GFS to be mounted until the node has joined a fence domain.

The fence daemon, fenced, is usually started by running "fence_tool join". Once started, fenced joins the default fence domain and the node is subject to being fenced if it fails. A collection of fence agents are used by fenced to interface with hardware devices (usually to shut off its path to shared storage or cycle its power source.)

Fence consists of userspace programs. Fence depends on CMAN and CCS.

Mailing lists

linux-cluster is the mailing list for cluster-related questions and discussion.
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The list archives are at https://www.redhat.com/archives/linux-cluster/.
The mailing list address is linux-cluster@redhat.com.

Whenever the development source code repository is updated, email is sent to the cluster-cvs mailing list. This list is run using ezmlm.
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Source code

Information about building fence is included in the top level cluster web page.


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