Cluster Summit

Red Hat and (the former) Sistina Software are pleased to announce that we will host a two day kickoff workshop on GFS and Cluster Infrastructure in Minneapolis, July 29 and 30, not too long after OLS.  We call this the "Cluster Summit" because it goes well beyond GFS, and is really about building a comprehensive cluster infrastructure for Linux, which will hopefully be a reality by the time Linux 2.8 arrives.  If we want that, we have to start now, and we have to work like fiends, time is short.  We offer as a starting point, functional code for a half-dozen major, generic cluster subsystems that Sistina has had under development for several years.

This means not just a cluster filesystem, but cluster logical volume management, generic distributed locking, cluster membership services, node fencing, user space utilities, graphical interfaces and more.  Of course, it's all up for peer review.  Everybody is invited, and yes, that includes OCFS and Lustre folks too. Speaking as an honorary OpenGFS team member, we will be there in force.

Unfortunately, space is limited.  We feel we can accommodate about fifty people comfortably.  Registration is first come, first served.  The price is: Free!  (Of course.)

Let's set our sights on making Linux 2.8 a true cluster operating system.

Update: We are getting close to full.  We hope to provide a voip meeting room for overseas remote attendees, and conference call dialins for key sessions.  Further updates will be posted on these pages.

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Daniel Phillips <>
Matthew O'Keefe <>

Further Information

Christina Moritz <> (612) 638-0500
Daniel Phillips <>
Matthew O'Keefe <>

We're very excited to be able to host this ground breaking event.  We look forward to seeing you here at the end of the month.