Instructions for each machine:

lm32 MEM - Memory

lm32 ALU - ALU

lm32 BR - Branch

lm32 lm32 - Lattice Mico32 MACH

Individual instructions descriptions

add - add

addgotoff - add got offset

addi - add immediate

and - and

andhii - and high immediate

andi - and immediate

b - branch

be - branch equal

bg - branch greater

bge - branch greater or equal

bgeu - branch greater or equal unsigned

bgu - branch greater unsigned

bi - branch immediate

bne - branch not equal

break - breakpoint

bret - return from breakpoint

call - call

calli - call immediate

cmpe - compare equal

cmpei - compare equal immediate

cmpg - compare greater than

cmpge - compare greater or equal

cmpgei - compare greater or equal immediate

cmpgeu - compare greater or equal unsigned

cmpgeui - compare greater or equal unsigned immediate

cmpgi - compare greater than immediate

cmpgu - compare greater than unsigned

cmpgui - compare greater than unsigned immediate

cmpne - compare not equal

cmpnei - compare not equal immediate

divu - unsigned divide

eret - return from exception

lb - load byte

lbgotoff - load byte got offset

lbgprel - load byte gp relative

lbu - load byte unsigned

lbugotoff - load byte got offset unsigned

lbugprel - load byte unsigned gp relative

lh - load halfword

lhgotoff - load half word got offset

lhgprel - load halfword gp relative

lhu - load halfword unsigned

lhugotoff - load half word got offset unsigned

lhugprel - load halfword unsigned gp relative

lw - load word

lwgotoff - load word got offset

lwgotrel - load word got relative

lwgprel - load word gp relative

modu - unsigned modulus

mul - mulitply

muli - multiply immediate

mv - move

mva - move address

mvhi - move high immediate

mvi - move immediate

mvui - move unsigned immediate

nop - nop

nor - nor

nori - nor immediate

not - not

or - or

orhigotoffi - or high got offset immediate

orhii - or high immediate

ori - or immediate

rcsr - read control or status register

ret - return

sb - store byte

sbgotoff - store byte got offset

sbgprel - store byte gp relative

scall - system call

sextb - sign extend byte

sexth - sign extend half-word

sh - store halfword

shgotoff - store half word got offset

shgprel - store halfword gp relative

sl - shift left

sli - shift left immediate

sr - shift right

sri - shift right immediate

sru - shift right unsigned

srui - shift right unsigned immediate

sub - subtract

sw - store word

swgotoff - store word got offset

swgprel - store word gp relative

user - user defined instruction

wcsr - write control or status register

xnor - xnor

xnori - xnor immediate

xor - xor

xori - xor immediate

Macro Instructions

Macro instructions for each machine:

lm32 - Lattice Mico32 MACH

Individual macro-instructions descriptions

This documentation was machine generated from the cgen cpu description files for this architecture.