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9. Glossary


This is the overall architecture. It is the same as BFD's use of arch.


Acronym for Instruction Set Architecture.


This is a variant of the architecture, short for machine. It is essentially the same as BFD's use of mach.

cpu family

A group of related mach's. Simulator support is organized along “cpu family” lines to keep related machs together under one roof to simplify things. The organization is semi-arbitrary and is up to the programmer.


An implementation of a mach. It is essentially akin to the argument to -mtune= in SPARC GCC (and other GCC ports).


An instruction field.


An instruction format, as specified by the instruction's fields.


An instruction semantic format. This is different from iformat. For example, if an operand is referred to in one mode by one instruction and in a different mode by another instruction, then these two insns would have different sformats even if they have the same iformat.


An instruction.

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