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.add4.16.1 .add
.and4.17.4 .and
.andif4.15.2 .andif
.apply4.13.3 Applying a pmacro to a list
.begin4.13.7 A block of statements
.caar4.10.7 car/cdr
.cadr4.10.7 car/cdr
.car4.10.7 car/cdr
.case4.12.2 Traditional case
.cdar4.10.7 car/cdr
.cddr4.10.7 car/cdr
.cdr4.10.7 car/cdr
.cond4.12.3 Extended if/elseif/else
.div4.16.4 .div
.downcase4.8.5 Convert a string to lowercase
.dump4.14.2 .dump
.eq4.15.5 .eq
.equal?4.15.1 .equal?
.error4.14.3 .error
.eval4.13.1 Re-evaluating an expression
.exec4.13.2 Immediate execution of a command
.find4.10.6 Finding a subset of a list
.for-each4.11.2 Iterating over a list
.ge4.15.10 .ge
.gt4.15.8 .gt
.hex4.8.3 Convert a number to a hex
.if4.12.1 Traditional if
.internal-test4.18.1 .internal-test
.inv4.17.7 .inv
.iota4.9.1 Number generation
.le4.15.9 .le
.length4.10.4 List length
.let4.13.6 Defining a block of locals
.let*4.13.6 Defining a block of locals
.list4.10.1 Creating lists
.lt4.15.7 .lt
.map4.11.1 Mapping a macro over a list
.mul4.16.3 .mul
.ne4.15.6 .ne
.not4.15.4 .not
.or4.17.5 .or
.orif4.15.3 .orif
.pmacro4.13.4 Defining a pmacro inline
.pmacro?4.13.8 Testing if something is a pmacro
.print4.14.1 .print
.ref4.10.3 Referencing a list element
.rem4.16.5 .rem
.replicate4.10.5 Lists of repeated elements
.sll4.17.1 .sll
.splice4.10.2 List splicing
.sra4.17.3 .sra
.srl4.17.2 .srl
.str4.8.2 String concatenation
.sub4.16.2 .sub
.substring4.8.6 Getting part of a string
.sym4.8.1 Symbol concatenation
.upcase4.8.4 Convert a string to uppercase
.xor4.17.6 .xor

anyof operands3.15 Derived operands
Architecture variants3.8 Architecture variants
Attributes3.7 Attributes
Attributes, bitset3.7.4 Bitset Attributes
Attributes, boolean3.7.1 Boolean Attributes
Attributes, enumerated3.7.3 Enumerated Attributes
Attributes, integer3.7.2 Integer Attributes

begin4.7 Multiple result statements
bfd-name3.8.4.1 bfd-name

decode-assist3.8.2.4 decode-assist
define-arch3.8.1 define-arch
define-cpu3.8.3 define-cpu
define-isa3.8.2 define-isa
define-mach3.8.4 define-mach
define-pmacro4.2 Defining pmacros
Definitions3.6 Definitions
Derived operands3.15 Derived operands

Enumerated constants3.12 Enumerated constants
Enumerations3.12 Enumerated constants
Expressions3.19 Expressions

insn-lsb0? insn-lsb0?
Instruction fields3.11 Instruction fields
Instruction fields, non-contiguous3.11.10 Non-contiguous fields
Instruction operands3.14 Instruction operands
Instructions3.16 Instructions
Instructions, macro3.17 Macro-instructions

Keywords3.13 Keywords

liw-insns3.8.2.5 liw-insns

Macro-expressions3.20 Macro-expressions
Macro-instructions3.17 Macro-instructions
Miscellaneous notes10. Miscellaneous notes
Modes3.18 Modes

Number generation4.9.1 Number generation

Opcodes support6. Opcodes support
Operands, anyof3.15 Derived operands
Operands, derived3.15 Derived operands
Operands, instruction3.14 Instruction operands
Operands, instruction3.15 Derived operands

parallel-insns3.8.2.6 parallel-insns
pmacros4. Preprocessor macros
Porting5. Porting
Preprocessor macros4. Preprocessor macros

Register Transfer Language3. CGEN's Register Transfer Language
RTL3. CGEN's Register Transfer Language

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