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Gary V. Vaughan, Ben Elliston, Tom Tromey and Ian Lance Taylor

This is the Authors' homepage for The Goat Book by Gary V. Vaughan, Ben Elliston, Tom Tromey and Ian Lance Taylor, first published in October 2000 by New Riders publishing, now under the auspices of Sams Publishing (a subsidiary of Pearson Education).

Aside from the subject matter, the book is also interesting because it was written in collaboration over the internet, even though we have mostly never met each other in person, and we are physically spread across the entire globe. I (Gary) live in Britain, Ben lives in Australia, and Tom & Ian live in the U.S. We were brought together by our mutual support of Free Software, and our respective involvements in various of the Autotools.

Within these pages you will find a browsable online version of the entire book, an errata for the first printing, and electronic versions of all the significant examples employed by the book.

When the paper version of the book was written, the contemporary versions of the Autotools we used are now considered ancient. If you wish to follow the examples in the paper version of the book closely, then you should ensure that you have the following versions of the tools installed:

Since then, the online version of the book is slowly being updated to a more recent set of Autotools. Consequently, some of the examples have modernised versions that work with the latest autotools, but don't match the text of the paper version of the book.

The Goat icon in the top right of these pages doubles as a link, click on it, and the connection should become clear...


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