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XOpenWin is a project to make XWindows an alternative user interface for Windows operating systems. It allows Windows apps to be displayed in an X server, locally (using cygwin-XFree86) or remotely.

Actually, at the moment it doesn't yet exist, but we are going to create it.

That's where you come in. Developers especially welcome.

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XOpenWin is hosted by sources.redhat.com. Here are the various relevant pages...

I have not put downloads here as we haven't got that far yet

At the moment we are using win32-x11@sources.redhat.com as the mailing list. Once we get a bit further this will probably change. To subscribe, send a blank email to win32-x11-subscribe@sources.redhat.com. You can also see the archives (note relevant discussion will only be there from 20 September 2002).

A lot of discussion took place on the cygwin-xfree86 mailing list between 2002-08-31 and 2002-09-20, but please don't continue posting there ... use the above list or wait till we have our own :-) ... you can however read the archives.

History and Contributors

Any contributions are welcome. Please use the mailing lists to discuss, or to see who is involved.


2002-10-07: Online CVS browsing available

2002-10-04: Initial x11drv port uploaded to CVS

2002-10-02: The web page is up...


Milestones we're aiming for:

XOpenWin has been tried on:

If you have any problems or get it working on a different system, please let us know

Quick Start and Sample Code:

This section will contain any info for trying out what we've got so far ... when we've got it